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Join the neighborhood and enjoy a new way to find neighbour trusted, providers in real-time. Service Mobi is the only app you need for your home and neighborhood!

ServiceMobi is a live broadcast based network. Referrals are based on your neighbors instead of anonymous, online reviews that are hard to trust. Contact only the pros who you want to inquire more from. You will never be harassed by multiple Pros competing for a bid.
The ServiceMobi Homeowners app allows you to manage all of your household tasks from one convenient app. Quickly and easily create checklists, inventory, maintenance tasks, and more!
ServiceMobi puts your neighborhood on the map. Our easy to use and interactive directory of Service Pros allows you to easily access and share pros working directly in your neighborhood. Share your referrals with friends and neighbors.
Our company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. This is our primary focus while we seek to expand to the rest of the Southeast. At ServiceMobi, our goal is to help homeowners throughout the United States.
Your home address and contact information is kept confidential at all times until you decide to send your information to a service professional yourself. Your home address is only used in our system to ensure you only see the service professionals doing work in your neighborhood, trusted by your neighbors. Your location is never disclosed without your consent.
  • Map search: Use the filter to search within a 3 mile radius of your home for pros working in your area.
  • Neighbor referral: Search your neighbors referrals to see which pros in your neighborhood they recommend for the service you seek.
  • Shout Out: A shout out is a quick way to get direct recommendations from your neighbors.
You can look at their location and reviews. You can then start a private chat with them to get a quote started.
ServiceMobi recommends you take advice from your neighbors. First check your neighborhood recommendations on the community tab. Also you can directly message your neighbors and ask them about a pro. Try to "Shout-Out" to neighbors and social media as well for greater reach and insight.
All the pros you find are pros doing work nearby, in your neighborhood, trusted and reviewed by your neighbors. All reviews are real and only given after a bona-fide service has been performed.
You can request for Pros license, bond and insurance documents directly through the app. Also check with neighbors who’ve used a pro before you hire them to learn more about their workmanship.
We are continually adding pros and constantly growing our service area. Please check back in the app frequently to see pros nearby. The more professionals and homeowners we have using the service, the better it will perform for you. Please share ServiceMobi with friends and pros you know.
Prior to requesting a quote, check the deals tab to see if any service pros have any promotions on for the service you’re looking for.
Request and compare quotes from multiple pros, in order to compare price, inclusions, etc.
ServiceMobi users have the option to remain completely anonymous. However, contributing to your neighborhood is extremely rewarding. Only neighbors will see your profile if you choose to leave your privacy settings open.
ServiceMobi defines a neighborhood as a subdivision, community, complex or development. Furthermore, on there is a radius on the map showing your "Immediate Vicinity". This circle designates the three miles radius around your home.
First, restart your phone. Then, make sure you have the latest operating system and ServiceMobi app available for your phone. The last thing to try is reinstalling the app. If you are still having issues, please email support@servicemobi.com for help.
There is no charge to use the ServiceMobi Homeowner app. Simply signup and start booking Service Pros in your neighborhood for free.
If the pro you hire offers a discount, he or she can offer that directly through ServiceMobi. Many times they are more likely to give discounts through ServiceMobi because they are already nearby, so they can stop by quickly and either quote or even complete a job on the same day.
No. You can choose to pay your pro however you wish. However, we do provide a secure and convenient way to store your payment information once, and pay for many services so you don't have to give out payment information insecurely to multiple pros.

Effective, digital marketing at your fingertips. Let ServiceMobi put your business on the neighborhood map and enjoy the benefits of hyperlocal referral marketing today.

ServiceMobi offers unlimited use instead of charging by project. Through our app you can maintain relationships with your customers and entire neighborhoods. Furthermore, ServiceMobi is the only broadcast based app. All of your customers’ neighbors will be directly notified when you broadcast.
ServiceMobi provides pros with next generation digital marketing that allows you to broadcast your services. Every job help to put your small business on the neighborhood map and build your reputation as a trusted pro. General contractors have the added marketing benefit and additional exposure of having their subcontractors and employees broadcasting your services on your behalf.
Only a homeowner can give you his or her home location through ServiceMobi. Once that is done, you will receive a private chat message in ServiceMobi with that home owner’s location.
Pro Hire allows you to find nearby pros to subcontract work out to. This service is great for general contractors who perform larger scale projects.
Location tracking allows you to monitor your employees in the field. When you enter your subcontractors into your employee roster, you will be able to monitor their location using GPS tracking directly in the app.
The broadcast and location tracking features require access phone's location and the user will be prompted to enable during app install.
The owner/service pro admin needs to go to the portal here www.servicemobi.com/signup and under Employees section can add other employees. You can also centralize your chat and calling functions.
Please download the app, signup and you will receive instructions on it shortly.
We stand by legitimate, real reviews on ServiceMobi. That’s why home owners trust us. If you have a legitimate claim that a homeowner’s bad review is fake or approaching libel, please email support@servicemobi.com and we will investigate.
Easy. Simply go to your next job, open your ServiceMobi app and broadcast your location. Home owners on ServiceMobi will be notified and if they need your service can easily respond to your broadcast directly. Start a private chat with that home owner and schedule time for a visit.
Many homeowners are discouraged by receiving too many bids. Homeowners will contact you if they feel you have a good reputation amongst neighbors. Make sure to broadcast to improve visibility in your service areas.
From the ServiceMobi Portal you can add and manage employees. Once signed in use the navigation on the left and select “Add Employee”. There is a yellow button "Add Employee". On this screen you can also view the jobs each employee has completed and edit their information.
We simply ask that you be patient. We launched ServiceMobi on June 1st, 2015. We are continually adding new areas and home owners to the application. Please keep using the app as directed and we promise you will find new business. The more customers and businesses we put on the application the better it will perform. Please share ServiceMobi with your customers and partners.
Make sure all of your information is up to date on your profile. Add pictures of your past work to your gallery for users to view. Ask past clients to review your page on ServiceMobi.
Broadcasting at every jobsite is the best way to reach clients. When you broadcast a notification is sent directly to your clients neighbors. Using the auto-broadcast feature allows you to broadcast quickly.
Your ServiceMobi service is month-to-month. You can cancel at any time. See our Terms of Service.
Refer to our pricing page for a full list of features that are included with your ServiceMobi Pro app and the monthly subscription fee.
No you do not. You can find customers, send estimates and even invoices through ServiceMobi. But if you prefer, you can accept payment outside of ServiceMobi. We do provide a secure and convenient method for you to accept payments from customers if you choose to use it. Most customers will prefer this method, since it is more convenient and secure. Plus, it provides you and the homeowner with a record of all payments.
Additionally, studies show that accepting credit cards for payment increases the order size from your customers as well as the number of customers you get.
Please note, there is a 2.99% service charge for each transaction accepted through ServiceMobi.
You only have to enter your bank account information if you want to receive credit card payments from homeowners through ServiceMobi. Otherwise, you do not. We guarantee your privacy and the security of your financial information.
Not at this time. We keep our pricing simple and straight-forward, so it is easy to use and easy for companies to predict.
No. We understand that every job is different. That’s why we provide an easy way for you to send an estimate to homeowners right through the app. Of course, simple and straight-forward pricing will win you the most business.
The ServiceMobi Pro app gives you the option to have your customers pay you directly through the app.

Next generation, digital marketing is one tap away with the ServiceMobi app! Sign up and participate in hyperlocal, referral marketing that will have satisfied Homeowners, Service Pros and General Contractors getting the word out about your local business.

ServiceMobi is an app based around home services and offers many features to all of its members. One feature reminds homeowners of maintenance activities around the home. Your store could be referred to homeowners if applicable.
Furthermore, when homeowners and service providers are completing projects your store and deals are located on in many accessible places. Homeowners can refer your store to neighbors using the ServiceMobi Pro Homeowner app.
ServiceMobi offers neighborhood based reviews instead of anonymous ones. Many times on only dissatisfied customers post on your business' page. ServiceMobi users are posting to help their neighbors and community. Together, we can grow a tight knit network of community connections supporting small, local businesses.
Make sure to add deals to promote store specials. Adding photos and filling out profile information promotes credibility. Create relationships with your customers and ask them to complete a review of your business and recommend it to their neighbors.
You can subscribe to ServiceMobi Pro to have all of your installers and service pros broadcast when they deliver or install at a homeowner’s residence. This broadcasting will increase your exposure and promote brand awareness amongst local customers within your neighborhood.
You can subscribe to Pro Hire and find pros to chat with or call them. You can filter based on location, skill and see their reviews as well before you hire them.
A detailed breakdown of fees and inclusions can be viewed on our pricing page.