About Us

ServiceMobi is changing the way homeowners find quality service providers for their house. We connect you to service pros who do great work right there in your neighborhood. Use the ServiceMobi app to discover plumbers, landscapers, cleaners, painters and more, all recommended by your actual neighbors, not "Bob S." from 30 miles away.

We are started in metro Atlanta, but are expanding quickly. To get notified when we come to your city, sign up here.

About the Team

ServiceMobi was founded by a few Atlanta homeowners who didn’t see the value in service pro recommendations by anonymous users of gigantic search engines. We saw the Facebook posts and the mass emails from neighbors desperately searching for professionals they could trust. We created ServiceMobi to take the guessing out of that game. Now you can see jobs being done in your neighborhood today.

We're just like you. We're homeowners, just trying to find a better way to take care of our homes.

We are hiring! Join our team:

Product Community Ambassador